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To calculate the volume of concrete for waist slab we need to know the inclined length of the waist slab. Horizontal length of waist slab = Tread x Number of steps =0.8333′ x 11 = 9.2 feet.

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For calculating quantity of concrete, the dimensions of the member are to be known. If it is in rectangular or square in shape, quantity can be found using volume calculations. In essence(i.e,) by multiplying length * breadth* height, the quantity will be known. For circular members, volume will be known by multiplying the height or depth with area((π/4)*d*d), where d is the diameter of the ...

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2011-12-30· Best Answer: type 1.:In the case M30 concrete we calculating by design mix.but incase of norminal mix we can use 1:1:2. calculating cement, sand and concrete.

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Generally, concrete slabs are rectangular solids, so the concrete calculator - which is an application of the volume calculator - can be used. Also, the volume formulas may be helpful if you are a keen gardener or just a happy owner of a house with a yard.

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Related Volume Calculator. Concrete is a material comprised of a number of coarse aggregates (particulate materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, and slag) bonded with cement.

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Cubic Yard Calculator A cubic yard is the volume of material which fits in a space one yard wide by one yard deep by one yard high. Cubic yards are used to measure materials ranging from concrete to mulch for your garden.

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Quickly calculate concrete slab and footing pours by entering the depth, width and length to find the number of cubic yards or bags of concrete needed for your project. Give these calculations to your ready-mix supplier or use them to estimate how many 40, 60 or 80 lb. bags of concrete to buy.

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Today we will see how to prepare rate analysis for Reinforced Concrete (RCC) work. First step to rate analysis is the estimation of labour, materials, equipments and miscellaneous items for particular quantity of reinforced concrete. The second step is to determine the component of structure for

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2018-03-27· In this video you can learn How to calculate quantity of cement sand and water in cement mortar, Water cement ratio for mortar, You can also learn why do we multiply wet volume …

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Find the cubic feet of your foundation walls by taking the total number of feet in length, which is 100 feet long in the above example, and multiply that number by the foundation wall height, which we will call three feet, for a total of 300 feet.

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Multiply the volume in cubic feet by 2300 kilograms/mass^3. This product is the mass in kilograms of concrete that will fill the volume. If you would like to find the weight, multiply the mass in kilograms by 9.8 mass/s^2. This new product is the weight in newtons.

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Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete. Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete. Categories ... multiplying the required volume of concrete by 1.65 to get ...

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Answer / bhupinder salwan. For converting wet volume of concrete to dry volume of material mix we multiply it by 1.52 to 1.54. As water is added in dry material to make it wet concrete and then placed in shuttering particles slides to readjust in pores and voids reducing the volume of it.

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Quantity of Shuttering oil calculation is very simple In this article we are calculating shuttering oil required quantity for wood and in steel shuttering , Before calculate the shuttering oil quantity calculation you must understand the following concepts , and the surface of the formwork is pigment free 1 Calculate required oil for ....

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Ready-mixed concrete is sold by volume measured in cubic yards. If you can determine the area of your concrete project (length x width for rectangular projects) and know the thickness of the slab, you can use the information in the Concrete Volume Calculator below to determine how much concrete …


Cement is the one of the most used construction material for the strength and binder . In previous article we find out how to calculate no bricks in wall and it’s price. in this article we study the how much sand and cement required for the 2000 sq ft slab .

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How to Calculate Concrete Needed To Pour a Slab By Annie Sisk ... If your slab has sides of unequal measurement or has cutout areas that will not be poured with concrete, you'll need to calculate the area of the space to be excluded and then subtract it from the total. Next, multiply the surface area by the thickness of the slab. Convert the thickness into feet so that you'll get the volume ...

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Calculation Of Materials For Different Mix Ratio: Quantity estimation of materials is essentially required in any construction works and quantity of materials depend on the mix proportions of the concrete.

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where d n is the depth of the intact compressive concrete on the cracked section and d n1 is the depth of the intact compressive concrete on the cracked section ignoring the axial compression and/or the prestressing force (ie. the value of d n after cracking for an equivalent cracked reinforced concrete section containing the same quantity of bonded reinforcement).

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To calculate the steel quantity, we first need to calculate the required number of bars for both directions. Then we need to find the length of one bar. If you multiply the number of required bars with the length of one bar then you will find the total length of bars. Once you found the total length of bars, you need to convert that length into


Concrete quantity required to cast this slab is 400*0.15 = 60 Cubic meter. After calculating concrete quantity, you can remember these thumb rules just for getting a basic idea of how much quantity of steel is required in those structural members.

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the column is square or rectangular therefore we have to take 4 sides to calculate the quantity of formwork ( Shuttering ) So Area of Formwork = Sum of 4 Sides x height of column Here 4 sides measurement can be any thing and than we will multiply with height of column than it give us the quantity of shutting.

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We create the max volume and shrink it by the dimensions we are not using. Mentally translate the scenario into a version that makes sense to you. Mentally translate the scenario into a version that makes sense to you.

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The absolute volume of a concrete mix can be determined if the weight and bulk specific gravity of the components are known. For a concrete mix with 90-lbs of coarse aggregate

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Calculate out the volume of your slab by multiplying the slab’s length x width x depth. This will give you a quantity in m3. Using the chart below you can then work out the materials required. This will give you a quantity in m3.

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Solid Geometry! Just remember your rules for calculating the mass of an object. For a rectangular object which is the most common for concrete (a slab for instance), length times width times height.

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An example calculation. So let's say we have 4 concrete elements 3 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet high each. Now we multiply 4 times (3*3*3). Pre-mixed concrete is usually sold by the cubic yard and this is the volume unit we use by default, but construction elements are usually measured in feet.

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Notes;why we multiply by 1.54 dry dencity=1.54*wet denciti in Is This Answer Correct ? 239 Yes : 91 No : how do we calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregates in 1 m3 of M30 grade concrete ?.. Answer / rajarshi basu. The approach by Sjtbehera is totally correct but has some little silly mistakes...I have tried to give a rectified solution. In the case M30 design mix, the ...

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2017-02-26· in this video i am going to show you that how we can calculate the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in concrete..... share this video to your friend.....